Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is more than just having some bright white monochromatic teeth, it has to work with the ensemble of the whole. Here at 5 Star Dental, we aim to provide something that looks natural and reflect one’s personality and character since each person is graced with some very specific sets of facial and physical features and a unique personality.  In order to achieve that customized ideal smile, we would need to take some additional steps  to understand what we are trying to accomplish and prior to coming up with a treatment plan.  After all we wouldn’t want to build a home without the blueprint.  

Aesthetic Work up:

The goal of the aesthetic work up is to gather information regarding what the patient want to achieve, what it is that he or she does not like about her smile.  At this appointment a series of photos of the patient will be taken along with the impressions of the upper and lower jaws.  The smile will be analyzed and a digital rendering will be made.  Once that is completed, a consultation with the patient will take place and changes will be made according to patient’s liking.

Aesthetic Mock up: 

Once the patient is happy with the 2 dimension rendering of his or her new proposed smile, that information will be transferred to a 3 dimensions model via the wax up of the teeth.  This will be then transferred to the patient’s mouth to ensure that this is in fact the result we want to achieve. This step also allow the patient to have an other opportunity to make additional changes prior to committing to the final result.  This process is to ensure that the patient like, not only the 2 dimensional image of the smile, but also the actual smile itself.